Prices: half-day= 35€  (+ Abseiling from great height= 50€)
Group prices: please contact us.

VIA FERRATA (suitable for all, children over 12)

Height sensations within your reach.
Via ferrata is the acivity of getting around on a vertical rock face via the use of various metalic and wodden aids.
You will overlook the Dourbie Gorges from a 80 meter cliff, or the Tarn Gorges 50 meter from the ground.
You move in safety fitted out with a harness and two lanyards.
You are linked to a cable, a "life line" which remains throughout the route.
We will provide you with a harness, two lanyards with energy absorbers, and a helmet.

All you need to do is bring basket shoes (but hiking shoes will be better), some high energy snacks and plenty of water.